Our Mission:

The mission of the Thelma K. Reisman Preschool of Beth El is to provide a warm and nurturing Jewish environment for young children. We offer one of the area’s most complete, yet flexible programs of preschool education and enrichment for children ages ten months to five years old. Our families are an integral part of our preschool community; parents and caregivers have many opportunities to get involved throughout our school year. Our supportive and friendly circle of preschool families provides you and your child with a welcoming community beyond the classroom.

Our Philosophy:

The philosophy guiding our program is the belief that “the business of children is play.” There is no difference between work and play for the preschool-aged child. Children learn about the world around them through building, painting,  singing, listening to stories, sensory exploration, and hands-on experiences. While playing, children gather information, make predictions and draw conclusions that are meaningful for them. Teachers scaffold learning through play by asking open-ended questions, providing new information and guiding children to make new discoveries. We know that learning through play prepares our children for kindergarten.